Review: Panic



Author: Lauren Oliver

Publisher: HarperCollins

Release Date: March 4th, 2014

Genre: contemporary, young adult

I don’t know how I feel about Panic. It was certainly disappointing, I thought the premise was excellent and I didn’t mind the Hunger Games –y of it all (though after reading it you can tell they’re nothing alike) but the plot was weak and the okay writing didn’t make up for it at all. It started awesome, and it got weaker by the page.

Panic is a game made up in the small town of Carp created and played by high school seniors with one goal in mind: get the money and get the hell out of Carp. It consists on a series of dangerous challenges that lead to the final one, where the winner gets at least 50 grand. Heather is our main character, an 18-year-old that finds herself willing to play the game after a tough break up.

So, the weak plot points. You can’t just create a game so brutal like Panic and not explain where it came from. And no, “because it was summer, and there was nothing else to do” is not an explanation. I wanted more; who created it, where it came from, why teenagers were so eager to play it when it was obviously life threatening. Was it just about money and leaving Carp? Or it was just a ritual and everyone was used to want to play? None of this is explained, ever. The plot begged for explanations and they were never given. Plus, the pace was utterly slow, I was expecting big action scenes, but they never happen.

Heather’s inner dialogue and struggles were the most interesting bits, I appreciated that. But, I feel like I don’t know her at all. The backstory of her sudden entrance in the game is apparently her ex being with someone else. The backstory is important if you’re using it as a consequence to the most important part of the book (Heather jumping, hence turning into a Panic participant). Again, I needed to know what exactly happened in her last relationship in order to understand her actions. This was missing, and therefore I just didn’t understand why she would enter a game because of an ex (even though we later learn alongside Heather that she wanted to leave Carp and her troubled life). For the first few pages I thought she was just stupid, like Bishop – her best friend/love interest- did.

Dodge I couldn’t stand, although his life and reason as to why enter Panic was better founded. His obsession with Nat and Luke was exhausting to read, but nothing too bad. Minor detail: we don’t know how his story ends. And I know this seems to be a Lauren Oliver thing but please woman stop. It’s not a cliffhanger; it’s annoying and it makes the whole story pointless.

One thing came to mind while reading this book: it’s fiction, it doesn’t have to be real, but it has to be believable. Panic wasn’t. 

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So I’m about to go on vacation with my parents to the beach, with no TV and no wifi whatsoever, so this week I’ve been doing a books and movies supply list. And here’s my book list!

I’m planning on going to New York later this year, I’m actually buying my plane ticket next week (yay!) so I thought what better way to get to know NYC a little than reading books set in the city? I’ve rummaged the whole internet and these were my final choices. 

  • The Diviners by Libba Bray
  • A visit from the goon squad by Jennifer Egan
  • Nick and Norah’s infinite playlist by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan

If you read any of these books please feel free to let me know what you think! I’ll post a review of each of them by the end of this week hopefully.

I had a lot of fun picking these books so I’m probably making this themed reading list quite often. If you come up with new and fun themes let me know.




Title: Tonight You're Perfect
Artist: New Politics
Album: A Bad Girl In Harlem
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Tonight You’re Perfect - New Politics || "Tonight you’re perfect, I wanna fall in love with the stars in your eyes."

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margaery tyrell is the ultimate gold digger she’s had three husbands and didn’t have to bang one of them a single time dude she’s on a whole other level


(by Astrid Prasetianti)


Game of Thrones gifset per episode » 4.02 The Lion and the Rose
↳ “There’s only one hell. The one we live in now.”

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Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
Jesus Christ. I’ve never felt so many emotions in one book. And so many emotions towards characters in one book. Read more

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